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Werner Popp

As a German astrologer, I have published two books in English. One on the state of research into how to predict lottery numbers using astrology and the other as a kind of autobiography to introduce myself to English-speaking readers and astrologers, as I am mainly known in German-speaking countries, but would also like to encourage non-European researchers to do research.

My Books

Lehrieder's Multiple Directions Predict Lottery Profit Numbers

The author Werner Popp offers here a basic work as a systematic and detailed introduction and guide to the "state of the art", as Stephan Lehrieder initially found five new forecasting methods, which he called Multiple Directions or Multis for short. He used these in addition to the previously known astrological methods to predict more and more lottery numbers. The book is generally understandable and descriptive with many pictures and graphics and also mentions two astrology programs with German and English user interfaces, which enable the necessary calculations.

19,71 €

Silent Milestones By The Way [Through Life]

With his autobiography, the author Werner Popp wants to introduce himself and make himself known to English-speaking interested parties, as he has been known as one of 150 VIP astrologers since 1963, mainly in Europe, especially in Germany, as a consultant and scientific research astrologer. As a member of the Cosmobiological Academy, he has given an annual lecture on his results for more than 10 years until Corona. After 22 years as a successful criminal investigator, he continued his activities in other very down-to-earth professions such as management consultant at PLOENZKE Consult AG, IT university lecturer and security consultant.

19,71 €

About the book

The video trailer briefly explains the content of the astrology book, which describes Stephan Lehrieder's new forecasting methods and also the methods for predicting lottery numbers, which are based on his decades of research and give justified hope that their continuation will lead to being able to predict more and more lottery numbers.